This year, the Green Industry’s biggest event of its kind is going virtual – everyone has a front-row seat to Solutions 2021!

Solutions Users Conference brings Real Green Systems users, colleagues and partners together to learn, share, get inspired and grow. Whatever you need to know about Real Green software and marketing services, you’ll find the best information, tools and partnerships at Solutions.

What else is new this year?

  • All-new tracks and classes designed specifically for owners, sales, accounting, marketing, field and business operations and more
  • Fast-track industry certifications
  • The chance to engage and interact with more Real Greeners than ever
  • Key insights and information from RGS and Green Industry experts
  • Virtual trade show and fun networking opportunities
  • And so much more!

Find out the latest about what’s next for our solutions and industry – all from your own front-row seat.

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What to expect

Products and Partners


Browse Booths and Book Appointments

Browse Booths
You’ll be browsing virtually; however, you can still learn about Real Green’s current and future solutions. Meet with industry thought leaders and partners, or pop into our Meet With A Tech virtual forum and chat with one of our product experts in a live, face-to-face setting.
Complete list of virtual booths
Book Appointments
You can forge new connections with Real Green product experts and leading Green Industry partners. Schedule an appointment time that works best for you and a Real Green representative will reach out to confirm.

General Sessions
and Keynote

Hear from green industry leaders as they discuss challenges facing lawn care, landscaping and pest control companies. You’ll hear from Real Green’s leadership as well.

  • Real Green President & CEO
  • Green Industry Association Leaders
  • CEOs & Owners of companies like yours
We also have an inspiring keynote lined up. Stay tuned for more!

Breakout and Learning Sessions

Join industry thought-leaders and Real Green experts for expert-led panel discussions, learning sessions and knowledge sharing.
These sessions will feature the software, marketing, the industry, business best practices, and many more topics relevant to us all in the lawn care, landscaping and pest control industry. 
Look for more information in the coming weeks as the agenda fills in.

After Solutions –
What’s next?

Experience Solutions and a full software, marketing, sales, leadership, business ops, and green industry learning experience
throughout 2021 with full access to
Real Green Academy! 



You and your staff can earn “Accelerated Certifications” during Solutions in our software. This is exclusive to customers attending the user conference. Access to all certification courses will continue for the entire year. 

Learning Tracks

General Sessions

Learn more about Real Green's products and roadmaps, how to maintain data security, business best practices, how to control costs, manage risk, gain visibility and sell more.

accounting & finance

This track reviews how to close out your year, prepare for tax season, export to QuickBooks, receive and enter payments, hand delinquent accounts and more.

Business Operations

Entering new customers, scheduling, routing are just a few of your many tasks. This track walks through your daily workflow and includes all of the apps you need to get your many jobs done quickly and easily.

Field Technicians

Mobile Live is your primary tool, and with all of its functionality you need a track of your own to learn how to use it to its full potential. Tune into this track for everything you need to complete your work in the field like a champ.


Service Assistant, AMA, Mobile Live, Measurement Assistant, Routing Assistant, they can all be used for marketing your business. Add on Real Green's Prospect Smart closed loop marketing and full host of digital and print marketing services. You've earned a track of your own.


Your business is the bottom line, but more importantly – people. This track teaches you the reports you should be reviewing and how to navigate important security features within the software. You will also have access to exclusive panel and peer discussion groups to share knowledge.


Sales Teams are the engine that keep companies humming. Real Green is the engine for sales. Learn how all of the software works together to make sales easier and help you stay on top of new quotes, pending quotes, customer communications, and more. See how CAW, SA5, AMA, Mobile, Measurement, Routing, RGPP, as well as digital and print marketing services can make selling easy and profitable during these challenging times. Learn new ways to sell the value of your services – whether it's weed control, landscape maintenance or pest control, Real Green experts will share their knowledge in this track.

All of this for only $199 per company! What are you waiting for?  
Limited access free passes available for non-customers.

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All learning tracks are presented by audience or role. Please select your role to view the sessions that are being prepared for you. Please note that the agenda and sessions are still being developed and this list will grow and change over the next several weeks.


  • General Sessions
  • Leadership
  • Accounting
  • Business Operations
  • Field Technicians
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Data Security - Basic Training
Your company data is its most valuable asset and it is everyone’s responsibility to help protect it. This Level 1 security session discusses best practices to follow that will help protect your company’s data from external threats and internal mishaps.

Introduction to Real Green's System
New users and those wanting an overview of how Real Green's products integrate to provide a wholistic experience for users and their customers will want to attend this session.

Industry Sponsors
Each Solutions-VIRTUAL Sponsor company will have sessions listed. Please check back often for updates.

Expert Roundtables
Chat with Real Green and other leading Green Industry thought leaders in small chatrooms. Rooms and subjects to follow.

Product Journeys
Find out what's in store for Real Green's products and services. Also, customers may offer feedback in exclusive user sessions for Service Assistant, Mobile LIve, Customer Assistant Websites, Automated Marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing.

Regulatory Compliance – Federal Legislation 2021 impacts on the industry
Bob Mann - NALP Director of State and Local Government Regulations
Bob will discuss newly introduced legislation, similar to that in the EU and Canada, and how it may dramatically change the green industry. He will also review other regulatory issues facing the industry. It’s a must-attend 2-hour session.

Service Assistant Contract Best Practices
Do you live in a state like New York that requires a contract for continuing services – like lawn care? Service Assistant can help you navigate that landscape and appease local and state authorities without inconveniencing your customers or business.

Hindsight – How to Leverage 2020’s Marketing Disruption
It’s been quite a year for lawn care, landscape and pest control businesses. They’ve experienced a growth boom with more people working from home and “stay-cationing.” It has also changed how companies market their services. This session discusses those crucial changes, what is worth keeping in your marketing plan and what to tweak to fit as the world moves forward.

Data Security – Level 1 (Owners Exclusive)
Learn what you can do, as an owner, to identify and protect your organization from security and data breaches originating from a variety of sources ranging from natural disasters, fires, as well as internal and external threats. You will also learn how to minimize potential damage if your company does experience a data loss or security issue; and how to communicate with your customers, and possibly the media, in a way that restores confidence and goodwill.

Autonomous Mowing – Is It Right For Your Business?
More homeowner associations are insisting on single service lawn care and landscape maintenance providers to limit service truck traffic, equipment noise and technicians within housing complexes. Autonomous mowing is virtually tech-free, quiet and allows an entire complex to be serviced at the same time for consistent curb appeal. Find out what’s involved and if it’s the right service to add to your business and service area in this session.

Virtual “Round” Table Discussions
Drop into a virtual discussion with a Real Green thought leader for a series of small group chats. Each virtual room’s space will be limited to facilitate a more natural conversation about a variety of topics ranging from Real Green products and services to industry best practices, marketing, leadership, finding and keeping the right staff and more. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

Service Assistant Reports Every Owner Needs
Ken White - Owner, Hometown Pest and Lawn
There are hundreds of reports and report variations available in Service Assistant. As a business owner, there are several you should review on a regular basis. Discover what they are, what they tell you about your business, what to do with the information they provide and how to generate these valuable reports on demand in this session.

Business is a race and the best marketing machines usually win. Many of you have attended Real Green's Formula event in the past. We’re bringing it to Solutions 2021! It will be a little different (virtual), but the goal is the same – one on one time with Real Green professionals and an actionable marketing plan to win new business. There will be some pre-event homework assignments for this session, so be on the lookout for course materials.

International Lawn Care Forum
Brian Bacigalupo - VP Sales and Account Management
U.K., Canada, U.S. lawn care business owners discuss the challenges and triumphs of 2020 and what 2021 has in store from a market, product and regulatory perspective.


Full curriculum to be announced. 

SA5 Boot Camp
Have new team members or need a refresher? This is the track for you. Join us for a week of learning the SA5 basics you need for a solid start in the software.

Full curriculum to be announced. 

SA5 Boot Camp
Have new team members or need a refresher? This is the track for you. Join us for a week of learning the SA5 basics you need for a solid start in the software.

Full curriculum to be announced. 

Full curriculum to be announced. 

Full curriculum to be announced. 

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