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We’re back in person for 2022 and making history with our biggest event ever!

Solutions Users Conference 2022 offers more opportunities to learn, share, get inspired and grow than ever before. Robust new learning tracks to bring you the best information and tools for your business. Impactful keynotes and panels featuring the best minds in the business. And unparalleled networking opportunities to engage and interact with industry thought leaders, key WorkWavers and each other.

Maximize your knowledge and interface with service industry leaders from around the world – join us in Orlando from January 9-12, 2022 for our largest, most exciting conference yet.

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What to expect

Gain Valuable Knowledge

Training sessions and customer success stories to help you become an expert in our software and run your business more efficiently.

Power Your Network

Connect with over 1,000 like-minded field service professionals like never before. Learn best practices, discover new trends, and grow your connections.

Savor the Experience

From thought-provoking trainings and workshops by day, to networking and entertainment at night, this year’s Beyond Service User Conference will be the best yet!

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In addition to our nightly events and entertainment, attendees can expect exciting keynotes, thought-provoking roundtables, and specialized product training for beginners and experts alike. Please see all planned sessions below.


Sunday, Jan 9th Monday, Jan 10th Tuesday, Jan 11th Wednesday, Jan 12th
WorkWave Bootcamps
10:00AM - 4:00PM
*Pre-registration required
7:30AM - 9:00AM
7:30AM - 9:00AM
7:30AM - 9:00AM
Sponsor Booth Set-Up 2:00PM
Welcome Keynote & Panel
9:30AM - 11:00AM
Guest Speaker Keynote
9:30AM - 10:30AM
Sponsor Hall Closes - 9:00AM
Welcome Reception
7:00PM - 9:30PM
Sponsor Hall Opens - 11:00AM
Sponsor Hall Opens - 10:30AM
Morning Break-outs
9:15AM - 1:30PM
Morning Break-outs
11:15AM - 12:15PM
Morning Break-outs
10:45AM - 12:15PM
Conference End 1:30PM
12:30PM - 1:30PM
12:30PM - 1:30PM
Afternoon Break-outs
1:45PM - 5:30PM
Afternoon Break-outs
1:45PM - 5:00PM
Tailgate Party
7PM - Game End
Sponsor Expo & Awards Reception
6:30PM - 8:30PM
*After party to follow

*Times subject to change


  • Service Assistant 5
  • Mobile Live
  • Customer Assistant
  • Payment Processing
  • Automated Marketing
  • Routing Assistant
  • Slingshot
  • Lawnbot
  • Industry News

Grow your business with Service Assistant! During this presentation we will cover different software modules that will help you GROW your business, build great route density and automate your sales process.

Service Assistant is designed to streamline and improve the everyday operations of your lawn care business so that you can focus on:

  • Delivering excellent customer experiences
  • Making payment processing easy and effortless
  • Providing accurate job estimates
  • Efficiently routing your technicians to maximize jobs-per-day
  • Maximizing your business productivity

Neighborhood Production Postcards is a targeted marketing tool built into SA5 that will generate postcards to be mailed to neighbors of your current customers. Learn everything you need to know in order to leverage this proven and powerful marketing program.

When you use Measurement Assistant in conjunction with the Suggested Service Price Utility in SA5, you can quote and close sales faster than ever. Find out how to easily and quickly quote prices for one-step sales!

During this session we will cover the different API integrations we have with our partners, including Captivated.Works, Waypoint Analytics, American Profit Recovery, Slingshot and Coalmarch.

Have you switched from SA4 to SA5? You’ll notice the new, smoother UI and workflows in SA5. This session will guide you through SA5 and show you the many new ways to use it.

Are you looking for more insight into how successful your marketing efforts have been? Are you simply trying to track how your customers heard about you in quantifiable, easy-to-read data? Understanding what works and what does not becomes a simple task with some basic SA5 knowledge. In this session we will be going over source code setup and source reporting to accomplish just that.

If you are new to SA5, this session will help you get started fast with an overview of the program’s navigation, an understanding of basic database terminology and a tutorial on how to use the search screen.

Adding customers and quickly referencing their information is an important daily activity in SA5. This class will arm you with the knowledge of what information gets stored where, how to quickly find details about your customers and how to add new customers into your software.

Programs, Special Jobs and Packages: How are they different? In this session you will learn what these three categories mean in SA5, when it’s appropriate to use each one and how they all work together. Then you’ll learn what each service looks like when assigned to a customer, including what information is available and where to find it. Learn how team chemistry can create stronger efficiencies in the back office and field.

You have a new lead or new customer interested in service: What’s next? In this session you’ll learn how to add work to customers. From programs to special jobs to service calls to packages, this session will arm you with all the ways to add jobs to your customers’ accounts in SA5.

When a customer calls to request an estimate or quote, how do you handle it? Do you price over the phone or visit the property in-person? This class will review estimate statuses in SA5, including creating an estimate form, pulling and printing estimates, and how to handle leave-behind estimates when you visit a property.

If you talk to a potential customer over the phone and want to send them a quote, you can send what we call proposals. These can quote prices from price charts OR from the customer account directly. They can be printed or emailed; you can custom-design them from scratch or use one of our templates and customize from there.

Looking to create accurate estimates in just seconds without ever having to leave your office? Get quotes to your customers from anywhere, at any time, in any weather with this innovative tool. In this session we will cover the ins and outs of Measurement Assistant and the various utilities built directly into the tool.

Are you looking for a better way to quickly provide potential customers with pricing for all of the programs and services you currently offer? Or are you simply looking for an easier way to add multiple services to a customer in a few clicks? This session offers an in-depth tutorial on how to use the suggested service price utility, giving you a full understanding on how to not only add, but edit services with regular and prepay discounts.

If you are looking for the quickest way to get a customer added to SA5, add jobs to their account and get paid, then this is the session for you. We’ll be covering everything from customer additions to payment entry in SA5.

Do you offer services that are priced based on time (labor) and materials? In this session we will cover work orders in depth so you have a full understanding of when and how to utilize them properly in SA5. Whether you’re quoting a mulch installation job or doing a sprinkler repair, work orders can help streamline your process.

This session touches on landscape maintenance-specific functionality, including crew setup, equipment setup, property inventory management and the pricing man hour calculator.

Do you route your work to be completed on specific dates and times? Do you offer indoor or outdoor services that require you to arrive at a customer’s property while they are present? Then the scheduler may be just what you need to get your technicians in the field exactly where they need to be when they need to be there. In this session we will explore the different components of the scheduler, some recommended best practices for getting started, how to schedule work, and how to get that work assigned to your technicians using Mobile Live.

This session covers basic configuration of route codes in Service Assistant, including parameter setup, program codes and a brief invoicing/scheduler overview.

A look at how to use the invoicing module and Routing Assistant to build optimized routes.

An overview of the different billing methods in SA5, including installments, autopay, monthly invoicing, and a lesson on how to configure customers and jobs.

Understanding what your customer needs is the cornerstone of your business, and using Property Evaluations in SA5 allows your team to collect valuable information that you can use to quote jobs, notify customers of trouble areas, and even offer recommended beneficial services. In this session we will take a look at how you can clone one of our built-in templates and add information that suits the details you need to gather. Once we have this Property Evaluation form created, we will take a look at how to print these forms through our invoicing process so that you can start noting what your customer needs when you’re out in the field.

Sometimes you can’t complete a job for a customer on the original date, either due to weather or customer availability. When this happens, SA5 has the ability to reroute work using the Route Loose Work module. In this session we will explore the uses of this this helpful tool which allows you to not only reroute work, but to group batches of work together after they had originally been generated, or group estimates and services together if your technicians handle both.

Production Entry is how we mark services as being completed. If you are using the mobile application, those completed services might not automatically post. This session will show you how to verify production ready for posting and take a look at production entry without mobile, along with quick production entry and installment services.

Use of property inventory items can greatly increase your knowledge and documentation of a customer’s property in SA5. Property inventory items can be used to document a plethora of information that can help you easily price additional services that stray from pricing by the normal property size. Whether you are capturing the linear feet of a home to do a perimeter pest application or simply capturing the number of irrigation system zones, property inventory items are here to help!

Proper utilization of condition codes will not only help you gather important information about a customer’s property conditions, but can also help you create upsells! This session is an in-depth guide on how to utilize condition codes, walking you through the entire process, from documenting conditions for internal use, to documenting customer facing condition codes, to producing upsell opportunities.

Are you ready to learn about all things payments? In this session you will learn everything you need to know, including how to enter in payments, what “deposits” are, prepay and group billing — plus all the tips and tricks for expediting payment entry.

You can create collection, cancel and confirmation letters in SA5. This session will give you a general understanding of each type of letter, along with a step-by-step guide on how to set up the letters for your business.

Are you looking to get a pricing letter to a customer? Do you offer to accept prepayment for services? Are you planning a marketing campaign? If so, you should consider using the Prepay Letter functionality in SA5. In this session we will explore the different methods to create prepay letters, taking a close look at each of the steps and highlighting some helpful tips that will make the process easier.

This session will give you a basic understanding of credits vs. debits, how to adjust customer balances, how to fix prepay accounts and how to use the small balance cleanup utility.

In this session, you will learn best practices to manage your past due customers and collections in-house. We will cover statement printing, collection letters, defining your plan, and the use of reports and call logs.

Doing periodic cleanup and review of the data in the system will help you identify data entry issues and ensure that all of your customer communications are on point with all of the correct information.

A look at some of the lesser used but still important reports available in SA5, along with a look at how set up routinely used reporting favorites and how to better utilize your “send to” options.

A look at the best financial reports in SA5 to run on a routine basis for monitoring and managing payments and A/R.

A look at the essential production and scheduling reports in SA5 designed to help you ensure work is being completed and scheduled in a timely fashion.

We’ll explore how to set up sales and production commission templates and take a look at how they work for employees and their associated reports.

This how-to will guide you through setting up and managing the chart of accounts, how those accounts can be used on services and discounts, and the impacts those have on the general ledger report.

An overview of how to use the TCN integration to deliver automated calling campaigns to a customer base, including how to create and track campaigns, along with examples of targeted calling campaigns.

With the Captivated texting integration through SA5, you can text customers en masse right from the customer screen. This session goes over configuration, message template setup and generating messages.

A full walkthrough of the SA5 Year End checklist, which includes understanding renewals, price increases, price chart increases and installment renewals/utility.

How to set up call status and outcomes to work together, plus tips and tricks for the best utilization of the call log to help your company maintain and track communication chains on the customer accounts.

Mobile Live can help your business grow where it counts – out in the field. This session will show you how to get started with this valuable mobile app.

Mobile Live is a powerful tool that will help you optimize production entry, expedite customer contact and go paperless.

Mobile Live can be used complete sales, look up customers and pursue leads.

When time and materials need to be exact, use Mobile Live for Line Item Billing, aka “Work Orders.”

We’ll go over the most important things to know when you’re setting up Mobile Live.

Mobile Live utilizes the Service Assistant Call Log. In this class, we’ll go over the specifics on how to use it.

Get your Mobile Live questions answered during this Q&A session.

This roundtable discussion will focus on the value of using CAW at your company. Using experiences from the field, this session will target specific examples where CAW improved customer relationships, increased productivity and helped companies scale as they grew.

This is an opportunity to ask any question or provide any feedback directly to the CAW Product Team. Bring your questions and feedback to the session, or submit them ahead of time. Topics can include anything from configuring the site to customer portal best practices.

As part of Real Green’s integrated solution set, CAW works with SA, AMA, MA and Mobile Live to ensure the best user experience. As a combined product suite, the tools work together to enhance customer satisfaction, improve productivity and boost profitability. This session explains how CAW benefits from our integrated platform.

Introducing the new and improved CAW 2.0! We will highlight the new user interface and features designed to improve your user experience. CAW 2.0 makes it easier to access and maintain configuration settings, boasts more intuitive customer portal workflows, and provides a better payment experience.

Hands-on sessions with CAW experts to configure and perfect your customer portal. The team will lead a guided tutorial with tasks to complete along the way. It’s the perfect session to get hands-on experience with CAW and ask any technical questions with experts in the room.

In this session you’ll learn what the Account Updater is and how you can make it work for you.

This session gives an overview of the RGPP Reconciliation Report in SA5 and how this important tool can help your business.

Every business will occasionally have to deal with disputed payments and chargebacks. This session discusses how the dispute process works and goes over best practices.

Have questions about RGPP or payments in general? This open-ended Q&A session is the one for you.

An introduction to the new, enhanced features in AMA 2.0 and how they will improve your team’s efficiency and profitability while boosting customer satisfaction. AMA 2.0 will empower your team to create and maintain customer communications, making it easier than ever to determine your best marketing strategy!

During this roundtable discussion, you’ll learn about the value of AMA directly from your peers in the industry. The group will present examples from their own experiences to illustrate how AMA has helped them tackle marketing issues and improve customer communication.

Using real life case studies and examples from the field, our team will demonstrate the value of AMA to your business. We will run through different scenarios and present proven solutions that you can use accomplish your goals with AMA.

As part of Real Green’s integrated solution set, AMA works with SA, CAW, MA and Mobile Live to ensure the best user experience. As a combined product suite, the tools work together to enhance customer satisfaction, improve productivity and boost profitability. This session explains how AMA benefits from our integrated platform.

In our Training Lab, AMA experts will walk you through creating your ideal templates and configurations. The team will lead a guided tutorial with tasks to complete along the way. It’s the perfect session to get hands-on experience with AMA and ask any technical questions with experts in the room.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback directly to the AMA Product team. The topics can range from, but are not limited to, AMA 1.0 AMA 2.0, analytics feedback, and functionality. We encourage everyone to raise their questions, comments, and feedback either before or during the session.

Routing Assistant is a powerful tool that can help you save money, time and labor by creating the most efficient routes possible in just seconds. In this session, you’ll learn how Route Manger can enable you to reduce operational costs, generate more revenue by freeing up time for more deliveries and pick-ups, and improve logistical operations.

Join us for this incredibly valuable session on how to balance growth during this economic labor shortage. There isn’t a home services expert that hasn’t been affected by the unprecedented labor shortage, and the demand for services is at an all-time high.

It’s considerably more difficult than ever to find qualified technicians, office staff, and or customer service representatives. Was this challenge actually unforeseen? Can you mitigate your risk?

Learn from industry growth experts Andrew Barrows, President at Greenix, and Chris Brasher, VP of Product Marketing at  WorkWave, as we discuss strategies to balance sales and service.

From sales to customer retention, our panelists will share best practices, data, and all the secrets to acquiring and retaining customers.

Gain insight on upcoming omni-channel communication center initiatives through direct interaction with the product owners behind them. In this session, we’ll explore the detailed user experience designs that are being considered, and you’ll get to provide direct and early feedback before they’re built.

See why 250+ companies use Lawnbot to sell their services online. In this session we will do a deep dive into what Lawnbot is, how it integrates into your business, and how to save thousands of hours of data entry with Lawnbot full integration into SA5.

Reviewbot is the hottest new product to hit the green industry since Lawnbot. Companies that generate the most digital leads have the most and most positive Google reviews. Come see why Reviewbot will be the best $1,000 you will ever spend on your business.

We live in a digital economy, and for your business to succeed today you need to know how to navigate it. Lawnbot co-founder Kendall Hines presents his proven, step-by-step guide on how to dominate digital in 2022. He’ll cover everything from managing your sales process to covering the basics to measuring your results. This is the foolproof guide to growing your business in our current climate.

The lawn care industry operates in a highly regulated space that was carefully crafted to balance customer demands with environmental and human safety. Now, environmental non-profit groups are attacking our Achilles heel – the preemption of pesticide regulations. Far from being dusty and dull, our industry’s history is filled with twists and turns as we rose to the challenge of a Supreme Court ruling that undermined the way we were doing things. NALP’s Bob Mann explores this history and why preemption is the most important issue facing the lawn care industry today.

You can’t turn on your TV or access social media without being bombarded by it – law firms claiming pesticides that you use cause serious diseases. Now, your customers are asking hard questions and you need answers. How can you effectively communicate the benefits of a healthy lawn to a skeptical public? NALP’s Bob Mann will cover tactics and techniques that can persuade people to your side.

Handling pesticides safely is a core competency for lawn care professionals, a topic that is first addressed in core training prior to becoming licensed. But core training only goes so far. NALP’s Bob Mann will take a deep dive into this topic and bring some real world experiences and lessons learned to the table in this interesting and informative talk.


Finding them, hiring them, teaching them, and keeping them, in today’s new workforce reality. The ability of an organization to find, attract, onboard and keep the right people is the most important skill an organization can have.

Forecasting, planning and budgeting to grow your business. Plot your course to success, provide inspiration and direction for your team, establish measurable milestones and goals, and focus your efforts.

Do we really know how to train our trainers? Just because they know how to do the work at expert level does not mean they know how to teach others how to get there. Learn about systems and tools for training the people who train the people in your organization.

*Subject to change



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