Automated Marketing Assistant (AMA)

Increasing Customer Referrals with Referral Assistant

Referrals are the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business. Referred customers are more loyal and spend more. Why? People trust their friends. If a trusted friend refers your Business Management that referred customer will trust you. Find out how referral marketing can help you grow your business.

Automated Marketing Assistant for Advanced Users

Take a deep dive into Automated Marketing Assistant. Carl Lainesse will show you the analytics and data driving these communications, as well as the different feeds, that let you see in real-time how your AMA campaigns are performing.

Automated Marketing Assistant for Beginners

We live in an era where the customer truly is king and queen. One key component to making every customer feel that you recognize their unique needs is timely, targeted communication. This session helps you learn the basics to unlock the power of over 32 customizable emails and letters that provide valuable information, reminders and offers that are unique to each customer, prospect or win back. Whether you have 50 customers or 50,000 – this session is for you.

Panel Discussion: Automated Marketing Assistant-Discover what others are doing and how to duplicate their success

We’re fortunate to work in an industry where business owners share information. Join this discussion to find out how your peers are using AMA to grow their companies. They will also share how you can do what they’ve done.