Business Growth

Achieve Aggressive Growth with Proven Marketing & Sales Strategies

Discover how to create marketing and growth strategies to achieve aggressive growth and make your company thrive. The global economy is competitive. Businesses are expanding their territories and reaching into yours. Find out how to combat the competition with effective, successful, and trackable strategies. You will learn how to scope out the competition and develop marketing and sales plans to win.

Door-2-Door Campaigns that work!

Operations Reports for Managers

Automated Calling Campaigns

Automated calling campaigns can still get results when done correctly. Find out how to use them with success in this session

Customer Spotlight Panel Discussion

Interactive Workshop: Plan Your Brand & Marketing

Includes 32 Page Marketing & Branding Workbook. Step through exercises that help you form or solidify your brand and establish a marketing campaign that works for your area, by identifying your audience. Find out how to increase pricing without losing customers and much more during this interactive 2-hour session led by Brian Bacigalupo.

Multi-Generational Marketing: Boomers, X-ers and Millennials–Oh My!

Marketing is tough. Marketing to multiple generations? Even tougher. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to appeal across generational gaps. Millennials, the X-Gens, Boomers, all have specific brand expectations and there are brands who get that marketing mix just right. Learn what each generation is looking for in a brand and how to adjust your brand’s persona to meet those expectations without sacrificing your identity or core customers.

Net Promoter Score: The measure of your success

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are today’s standard for measuring customer loyalty. Research has identified the most effective metric for accurately measuring customer loyalty and linked that metric to long-term financial growth. Learn what NPS is, which Real Green tools have it built in, and how to effectively interpret the numbers. Learn quick root cause analysis and how to drive process improvements that transform customer experience. Also, gain insight into increasing customer loyalty, generating positive word-of-mouth, and reducing churn.

Selling in the Off-Season

Production schedules may be seasonal, but sales should never be. Learn how to maintain positive net total sales month to month, even in the off-season. Joe Kucik has taught thousands of business owners these time-tested strategies. Master them in this session.

Behavioral Value Integration

Culture. It’s more practical than you think. If you’ve ever struggled with hiring people and then finding out they’re the ‘wrong fit’ or if you just want to figure out how to make your mission and vision more tangible to your employees and community, you’ll want to jump in this session.

Building the Ideal Supervisor

What kind of leader do you want to work for? Chances are, your team wants the same thing from you! In this session we will break down the key characteristics of an ideal supervisor and how they can be implemented in practical and easily reproducible ways.  

Pain free Operational Planning & Management

Ambiguity is the enemy of planning, operations and management. This session discusses how to document and communicate your operations processes, planning to your team, as well as how to effectively manage the process moving forward.

Building a Bullet-Proof Lawn Care Business

Customer retention is a common headache within the service industry. This session discusses proven customer retention strategies that you can implement immediately to immunize your lawn care business and keep growing.