Combined SA4 & SA5

Commission Reports

This sleek reporting system reduces time and improves the accuracy of your reporting for commission-based staff. Discover how to use it here.

General Ledger (SA4 & SA5)

You really don’t have to be a certified public accountant to use the Service Assistant General Ledger. Find out in layman’s terms how your transactions (production, payments, adjustments, installments) get reported to your accounting program.

Work Orders in SA4 & SA5: LIVE

This live session with Joe Kinnear will help you navigate the work order generation process in both SA4 & SA5. See the differences and leave the session knowing that whichever version you have back home, you can generate work orders like a pro.

Year-End Procedures: Properly Close Out Your Year (SA4 & SA5)

The end is really just the beginning. Learn how to ready your system for the new season, by closing out the old year. Learn how to create new services for the upcoming season, set parameters and perform price increases. Since it’s only performed once a year, you may need a refresher. For those who have never done it, this session is a must.