Elementor #4539

Join us for this incredibly valuable session on how to balance growth during this economic labor shortage. There isn’t a home services expert that hasn’t been affected by the unprecedented labor shortage, and the demand for services is at an all-time high.

It’s considerably more difficult than ever to find qualified technicians, office staff, and or customer service representatives. Was this challenge actually unforeseen? Can you mitigate your risk?

Learn from industry growth experts Andrew Barrows, President at Greenix, and Chris Brasher, VP of Product Marketing at  WorkWave, as we discuss strategies to balance sales and service.

From sales to customer retention, our panelists will share best practices, data, and all the secrets to acquiring and retaining customers.

Gain insight on upcoming omni-channel communication center initiatives through direct interaction with the product owners behind them. In this session, we’ll explore the detailed user experience designs that are being considered, and you’ll get to provide direct and early feedback before they’re built.