From sales to customer retention, our panelists will share best practices, data and all the secrets to acquiring and retaining customers

Join us for this can’t-miss session on how to balance growth during this economic labor shortage. The demand for services is at an all-time high; there’s not a home services expert that hasn’t been affected by the unprecedented labor shortage. Finding technicians, office staff, or customer service reps is becoming more difficult. Was it actually unforeseen? Can you mitigate your risk? Learn from industry growth experts Andrew Barrows, President at Greenix, Scott Steckel Director of Strategic Growth at Plunkett’s, and Chris Brasher, VP of Sales & Marketing at Slingshot by WorkWave, as we discuss strategies to balance sales and service.

Staying competitive in the digital age is no easy feat. Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements and incentives trying to convince them to leave and try another service company. Without a strong marketing and customer retention strategy, it just might work. In this session, you will learn 10 marketing strategies essential to growing and retaining customers and see how one company successfully adopted these strategies to grow their revenue.

Join this roundtable to discuss customer expectations that apply to the payments process, including requesting, processing, and receiving payments. Identify the cause of cash flow problems, how to use the tools available through your software to improve your cash flow, and the future resources available.

Are you looking to position and prepare for possible acquisition? If so, don’t miss this session where we will discuss how to look internally at your business to make sure its attractive to potential buyers. We’ll cover reviewing your company financials, governance, and licenses, identifying target companies that might be interested in acquiring your business, and creating a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis.

Digital marketing: what is it, and how can you use it to stay competitive, drive results, and grow your business? In this session, discover all of the most important aspects of digital marketing, including implementing a digital media plan, building an online presence, and getting the reviews you need to win in the competitive digital market.

In today’s competitive pest control industry, every business is looking for a way to make their decision making more efficient. What if you could analyze your past business performance and results, and use that information to prepare for the future? Having these top 10 business metrics at your fingertips will provide the information—and the advantage—you need to make crucial decisions that keep you coming out on top.

Make your employees feel secure in your company’s future by incorporating strategic operations into your systems and processes. In this session, we will review how to establish career advancement and growth within your company that will keep a positive culture and encourage employee satisfaction.

For most service providers, access to a mobile device is a necessity in doing business, playing a part in everything from taking calls, to servicing customers, to getting paid. The demand for a comprehensive mobile application that can help users stay competitive and connected has led to significant enhancements in our mobile app. In this session, you’ll hear from our mobile product experts and customers on how new functionality—such as forms that can be signed and completed at the service location, text and email requests for online reviews, and the ability to take credit card, ACH, and cash payments in the field—provides not only an exceptional service experience, but enables businesses to grow and collect payments faster.

Is employee burnout, meeting overload, or built up stress causing issues in your business? Using technology to create strong habits, you can eliminate inefficiencies, grow sales, and enhance profitability. Learn how team chemistry can create stronger efficiencies in the back office and field.

Get insight on upcoming omni-channel communication center initiatives through direct interaction from the product owners behind them. Explore the detailed designs that are being considered and get an opportunity to provide direct and early feedback before they’re built.