Learning Tracks

Solutions has grown in scope, and now offers learning sessions on a variety of topics important to business owners and their staff. Here, we’ve broken the conference down into Learning Tracks, to help make session selection easier and more intuitive.

To view the Solutions 2018 Schedule at a glance here.

The 2019 Learning Tracks are as follows:

Business Management

This learning track will guide you through skills you need to manage your business easier and with greater efficiencies. There are financial planning sessions and even a session that tells you what reports you need to run, when and how to analyze them. If you want to grow as a business owner, or have managers who need to learn more about the business end of your company, this track is a great start.

Human Resources

Where would we be without our teams and ourselves? This track delves into how to motivate and retain your staff. It all starts with hiring the right people and training them. You’ll find sessions that address the human side of doing business in this track.

Industry Education

Some of the brightest and innovative minds in the lawn care and pest control business are sponsors at Solutions. They are eager to share their knowledge and help you grow in the industry. These sessions deal with how products interact with soil, when to apply, how and what equipment is best. These aren’t sales pitches, they provide you with the knowledge needed to make informed product and service offering choices for your business and customers.


Great leaders don’t just fall from the sky. Though some leadership is instinctive, those possessing leader-like instincts must be educated and nurtured. This track provides sessions to help you become a better leader, and offers tips on how to nurture the “leader” instinct within your staff.


Marketing can seem like a maze of choices. Do you go print or digital? What options are available? Can I do it myself? Cut through the clutter with this track. Learn the advantages of each type of marketing from SEO to direct mail. These sessions will arm you with the the knowledge you need to make sensible marketing decisions for your business, and is ideal for your company’s marketing professionals or anyone who just wants to know more about promoting their business.

Mobile Live

Mobile Live, like Service Assistant, has a track all its own. There is so much power and functionality packed into this versatile app, you may want to spend an entire day with the Mobile Professionals learning how to use it to full advantage.

New, or Thinking of Becoming A Real Green Customer

Sessions in this track will expose you to basic software classes, as well as introduce you to other Real Green Systems products and services to help you grow and manage your business.

SA4 Bootcamp

Have new employees? This track is a must. Real Green’s resident SA4 expert guides you through everything you need to know to hit the ground running with Service Assistant 4. Over this 2-day track, you will learn the basics. The class is more interactive than most and the sessions may run longer or shorter, depending on how many questions are asked.

SA5 Introduction

This brand new track introduces Real Green Systems new product – Service Assistant 5! Our instructors are thrilled to introduce you to this robust web-based product that will truly revolutionize your business. One of our business consultants actually said demonstrating it was “fun”. This track introduces you to each segment of the next evolution of service industry business management software.

Software Beginner User

If you don’t need basic training, but want a basic introduction to a specific functionality of our software, this track is for you. Covering all of our products: Service Assistant, Routing Assistant, Measurement Assistant, Truck Assistant, and Customer Assistant Websites, you are sure to pick up useful tips to help you back at the office. If you’re considering a product purchase, these sessions will be helpful in your decision-making process.

Software Intermediate User

If you’ve been using a product for a while, consider following the “Intermediate” track. It delves into more complex functionality and will take your user skills to the next level.

Software Advanced User

This track is for seasoned users who are looking for the highest-level functionality from the software and have an intuitive understanding of the software basics. If you’re looking to totally rock the software, follow the Advanced Track sessions.