Customer Service

CODE RED: How to save a customer before they cancel

It’s more profitable to save a customer than to try winning them back after they cancel. Learn to spot the potential cancellation warning signs and how to save a customer ‘on the edge’ in this session led by Beth Berry. She saved thousands of customers while at Scotts LawnService. Learn how she did it and how you can too.

Improve Customer Service with Better Routing Strategies

Today’s customers demand prompt, quality service. You can provide it with efficient routing strategies. Learn routing best practices to win, in this hour-long session.

Customer Assistant Websites: Introduction & Basics

CAW sites help you grow your business and operate more efficiently. They’re an excellent source of new sales, service renewals, payments and more. Learn how to maintain your site using the CAW dashboard in this session. CAW doesn’t have to be a mystery. Find out what’s behind the site and how you can leverage each field to grow your business in this session. Also covered, how CAW drives Automated Marketing Assistant, Referral Assistant and ties into your Direct Mail and Mobile app.

PCI Compliance to Protect Your Business: What you need to know & rules to use within your business

PCI compliance rules protect your customers, but they’re also in place to protect you as a business owner. Learn what PCI compliance is, what it isn’t, how to determine whether your business and websites are PCI complaint and steps to take to ensure compliance. PCI is a complex world. Joe McPhail makes sense of it for you in this session.