Industry Education

Carbohydrates vs. Carbon – Separating Fact From Hype (Lawncology® 20)

Nutrition is on everyone’s mind, including producers of lawn food. Carbohydrates, calories, sugars – if humans need to be mindful of their intake, should the same be true of our lawns? Turf care professionals are flocking to these new products because they sound good. Find out what the buzz is all about in this session, and whether you should follow this growing trend.

Customized Fertility Program (Advertising Slogan or the Ultimate BMP) (Lawncology® 25 & 26)

Standard, Organic, and Hybrid – Oh my! Lawn care programs are ever-evolving to meet the turf’s nutritional needs, weed prevention and the desires of property owners. Make sense of the different programs, and how to cultivate your own programs to meet your specific markets’ needs and requirements after attending this session.

Oops! Did I do that? – Proper Protocols for Chemical Accidents and Spills

Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst with this session. Learn exactly what to do in the event of a spill or accident. More importantly, learn how to control the mitigation and the resulting conversations surrounding spilled chemicals. It’s tempting to try to sweep everything under the rug; however, you may have to proactively deal with public perceptions and concerns along with the actual cleanup. This session guides you through a spill from the actual accident through clean up of both the chemicals and public perception of your company.