Marketing Success: Build a Successful Marketing Plan

Dave Boulter discusses the print components critical to a successful Lawn Care or Pest Control Marketing Plan. It’s important to reach out to current and prospective customers multiple times in multiple ways. Join this session to learn how Real Green Marketing can help.

Direct Mail that Works for new Sales & Upsells

Join Mike Dauer to find out what types of direct mail materials have been working for our customers to help them generate new leads, acquire new customers and upsell existing ones. Direct mail is gaining and in some cases surpassing other forms of marketing in terms of results. Get the entire story from Mike, Real Green Systems resident Direct Mail Master!

Master ALL Growth Data: Cancels, Past Estimates, Neighbors

You have a wealth of marketing data in your system. Mike Dauer shows you its value and how to fully utilize it to grow your business beyond expectations, without additional data spend.

Neighbor Production Postcards for New Sales All Year

Your business doesn’t have to stop growing just because your season does. Find out how direct mail can generate new sales for you all year during this session.

Why branding is important and how can it set you apart from your competitors?

In this class we’ll discuss the importance of branding. How good branding sets successful brands apart from the sea of sameness. We’ll also discuss how branding is more than just your logo.

How to gain more clients through data profiling. Why is data profiling needed and how does it work? 

In this class we’ll discuss the benefits of profiling your client database and how that can help grow your business to attract new customers.

Generate more effective and targeted direct mail campaigns

Is print dead? No way! In this class we’ll discuss what successful campaigns are and how they’ve helped businesses grow. In the era of technology and data collection, learn how to harness it to create powerful direct mail campaigns.

Digital Marketing: Leverage Paid Media to gain new customers

Harness the power of search engines to drive new leads. Millions of people search for services every day. Use Google ads to funnel that traffic to your business.

Digital Marketing: Website & SEO

Tips on how a well designed website and SEO strategy can funnel organic web traffic and gain you more leads.

The power of analytics to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns 

Are you able to analyze your marketing campaigns based on tactic and spend? Do you know your ROI? In this class we’ll show you how to look at your metrics, what they mean and how they can work together to get you maximum impact on your marketing.

Want to learn the road map to marketing success? 

In this class you’ll learn the keys to marketing success. We’ll discuss creating a marketing planner. Have you ever wondered what’s the best time to start your campaigns and which methods to use? We’ll cover that and more in this class.