Answers to Grow Your Business (JUST ADDED!)

Real Green CEO and Founder, President and our VP of Business Development team up for a question and answer session. Take this rare opportunity to pick the brains of some of the most knowledgeable business executives in the lawn care and pest control industry. Joe Kucik, Don Brown and Beth Berry will field questions in this small group setting.

Automated Marketing for Beginners

We live in an era where the customer truly is king. One key component to making every customer feel that you recognize their unique needs is timely, targeted communication. This session helps you learn the basics to unlock the power of over 32 customizable emails and letters that provide valuable information, reminders and offers that are unique to each customer, prospect or win-back. Whether you have 50 customers or 50,000 – this session is for you.

Blogging 101

You know you have to do it. Blogging helps establish you as a subject matter expert, it draws new visitors to your site, helps SEO. But just how do you get started? What do you write about? How often? Do you have to do it yourself? Blogging 101 answers these questions and more. It’s a must for anyone thinking of starting a blog on their website. If you’re not thinking of one, attend anyway! You’ll find out why you should.

Direct Mail That Works for New Sales & Upsells

We’ve all heard the dire predictions that direct mail is gasping its last. Nothing could be further from the truth for the lawn care, pest control and related industries. Direct mail remains a relevant and highly effective way to gain new customers. Especially in new territories, where your company may not be known. Join this session to see what works, what doesn’t, and why.

EDDM 2018 (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM has been around for awhile and Real Green Systems staff are certified experts in processing it. This session shows you everything from how to pick your mailing routes, to what types of audiences respond to EDDMs and when to utilize this economical mailing to gain new customers.

Google Analytics for Beginners

Let’s face it, you can’t just dive into Google Analytics cold turkey. It’s complicated with many components. While they’ve made the screens easier to read, the data displayed can be a bit of a mystery. This session will lift the veil mystique, breaking down the data so you can understand it and make informed SEO decision based upon it. It’s not a mystery after all, it’s science and that can be sorta’ fun!

Integrated Marketing Campaigns – How Digital and print work together

Nothing turns off your audience like an inconsistent brand experience, or a disjointed marketing campaign. Also, it’s proven that the same message repeated in a variety of media is much more effective. Find out how to integrate your digital and print marketing campaigns in a way that makes sense and cohesively reinforces your message and brand.

Master Your Data! – Marketing, Past Estimates, Cancels & Neighbors

Data is everywhere, but what you do with it makes the difference between growing your business or floundering. Learn how to effectively use the data already in your system during this session. If you’re missing a data component, find out where you can obtain it.

Multi-Generational Marketing – Boomers, and X’ers, and Millennials – Oh My!

Never before have there been such diverse generations in your marketing universe. They were raised differently, educated differently and now they respond differently. Find out what each generation is looking for and how to integrate those seemingly disparate wants and needs into a cohesive marketing campaign.

Neighbor Production Postcards for New Sales Year Round

You have huge growth potential within the areas you already do business in. The neighbors of your current customers see you, your vehicles and definitely your lawn signs in yards throughout their neighborhoods. Learn how to effectively reach out to them and not only a response, but a new customer.

Pay Per Click: Google, Bing, Facebook

Pay Per Click or PPC is a great way to promote your business, new services or products, or introduce your business to new markets. It can also help boost your traditional SEO and provide a real presence for your company during searches. Find out how it works and how it can help your business in this session.

Social Media for the Green Industry

Everyone is social these days – digitally! Your brand needs to be part of the conversation. Find out how to join in, gain followers and, more importantly, gain customers. Get that conversation started in this session.

The New Marketing Universe – Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends and your marketing universe are changing rapidly. Find out what’s new, what’s coming, and how you can leverage emerging digital trends to maximize your digital presence and marketing spend.

Web Design – What keeps visitors engaged and converting

You’ve seen it happening. Web design is changing. Cluttered sites are a thing of the past; however, what do you toss and what do you keep? How do you provide a great user experience? How do you convert a visitor into a lead? This session answers those questions and will help you look at your own website through newly educated eyes.

Your Marketing Command Center Overview

Marketing is growing more complex, with many moving parts. The Command Center gathers those parts into a simple dashboard interface that will help you track spend, which campaigns are getting conversions and which need to be revamped or dropped. It actually does a lot more than that. Attend this session to find out how the Command Center can rock your marketing world.