New to Real Green

If you’re a new customer within the last 12 months, depending on your software experience and current products, consider attending the sessions in this track. We’ve gathered a variety of sessions together to help you get to know Real Green Systems and Real Green Marketing. This track will help you understand how all of our products and services work together for your business’ success.


1-Step Sales Process

Why spend time on the road, when properties can be measured from the comfort of home or in the office? Discover how to increase closings by more than 40%, just by providing accurate estimates using our 1-Step Sales™ approach.

Measure, price, capture images, email proposal and close a sale in under two minutes. It’s possible! Learn how using this game-changing technology and technique.

Commission Reports

This sleek reporting system reduces time and improves the accuracy of your reporting for commission-based staff. Discover how to use it here.

General Ledger

You really don’t have to be a certified public accountant to use the Service Assistant General Ledger. Find out in layman’s terms how your transactions (production, payments, adjustments, installments) get reported to your accounting program.

I didn’t know that!

Service Assistant® is a huge program with many available screens and options. It’s easy to forget or miss something either from training or in learning how to use a new update. In this session, learn shortcuts as well as tips and tricks with the software that make it super easy to run your business.

Think you already know Service Assistant® inside and out? You’ll think again after this session.

Routing 101 – Routing for Success

Learn the basic skills of priority-based routing necessary to provide the most optimal routes possible for your technicians each day. Discover how to improve your routes through simple invoice routing. Provide your techs with the best routes every time.

SA5 Training

Get an in depth look at the next evolution in lawn care and pest control business software in this series of sessions. Also, attend the “What to expect when transitioning to SA5” session if you are considering upgrading to SA5.

Why Choose Mobile Live? (for non-users)

Learn why Mobile Live is the mobile software for lawn care and pest control. Featuring functionality specifically for both, this software is a must for businesses in-the-field.

Year-End Procedures – Properly Close Out Your Year

The end is really just the beginning. Learn how to ready your system for the new season, by closing out the old year. Learn how to create new services for the upcoming season, set parameters, and perform price increases. Since it’s only performed once a year, you may need a refresher. For those who have never done it, this session is a must.

Business Management and Marketing

Automated Marketing for Beginners

We live in an era where the customer truly is king. One key component to making every customer feel that you recognize their unique needs is timely, targeted communication. This session helps you learn the basics to unlock the power of over 32 customizable emails and letters that provide valuable information, reminders and offers that are unique to each customer, prospect or win-back. Whether you have 50 customers or 50,000 – this session is for you.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns – How Digital and print work together

Nothing turns off your audience like an inconsistent brand experience, or a disjointed marketing campaign. Also, it’s proven that the same message repeated in a variety of media is much more effective. Find out how to integrate your digital and print marketing campaigns in a way that makes sense and cohesively reinforces your message and brand.

Net Promoter – The Measure of Your Success

Described as “The one number you need to grow” by Harvard Business Review, your Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customers’ experiences with your brand. The data behind the NPS is critical to improving your customer service and overall brand experience. This session deep dives into NPS and shows you how to leverage the data within your score to measure your success and exact improvements.

Referral Marketing

Referrals are the fastest and most reliable way to grow your business. Referred customers are more loyal and spend more. Why? People trust their friends. If a trusted friend refers your business, that referred customer will trust you. Find out how referral marketing can help you grow your business.

Selling in the Off Season

Just because your service isn’t in season, doesn’t mean sales have to stagnate. This session teaches you sales techniques used by successful businesses to boost their bottom lines during off seasons and remain profitable year round.