SA5 Bootcamp

This track takes you through the entire SA5 setup process. If you’re new to Service Assistant 5, this track will familiarize you with the basics of the software. The track is best followed in the order presented for new users. More experienced users looking to brush up on a topic may pop into whichever session they need. Note that because this track is continuous, some topics may overlap times presented.

Call Log

The call log is your friend! Learn the proper way to use this invaluable tool during this 45 minutes session.

Parameters 101

Learn how to enter and revise data housed on this hub of Service Assistant.

Parameters 201

This second of the three sessions goes into more detail about setting parameters.

Parameters 301

This third session will teach you how to finalize your parameter settings.

Payments & Adjustments

Payment entry and making adjustments to accounts is covered in this session.

Production Entry

Entering production the right way will save you time, money and headaches. Learn the right way to do it in this session.


Elizabeth is available to answer your questions during this session. Take advantage of her in depth SA knowledge.

Letters & Reports 101, 201

There are over 130 different reports available through SA, not counting letters. Learn how to generate and work with both reports and letters in this session.


After all that learning, you’re bound to have questions. Ask and have them answered during this session.

Reports 101

The first in this 2 part session reviews how to properly set up to run letters and reports.

Reports 201

Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off. Learn how to generate letters and reports with ease.


Learn how to generate account statements either in batches or individually during this session.

The Call Log 

In a perfect world, customers would never have to repeat previous conversations they’ve had with your staff in order to resolve an issue. The Call Log brings your company one step closer to perfection! Learn how to correctly use this powerful tool. You’ll soon become masters of communication, much to your customers’ delight.

What to expect when transitioning to SA5 from SA4

Steve Katz will explain the key navigation differences from SA to SA5 for users expecting to switch. He will cover what is new where to find things and key differences in SA5.

Why you need Routing Assistant: LIVE

Join Cliff Reedy as he shows you how effortless routing is with Routing Assistant. Learn the basics in the live demo session and be routing like a pro back at the office.