SA5 Overview

This series of sessions will take you inside the NEW SA5 software. You’ll see how easy and intuitive it is to add customers and products, schedule techs, run reports and more. What was work in SA4, is now simple and yes, fun in SA5.


SA5 – A New Personalized Training Experience!

Software training can be tedious and time-consuming. Because your time is valuable, we’ve developed a new way to train on our newest software product – SA5! Imagine being able to become an expert from the comfort of your own desk, on your time table. We’ve boiled down the software into bite-sized chunks with built-in competency testing. As a manager or business owner, you can monitor staff training progress. As a trainee, you can monitor your own progress and revisit lessons that were either interrupted or you simply want to refresh your memory. It’s an easy way to train. Join this session to find out how it works, also how you can develop sessions that fit your business, so you can train new employees or teach existing staff new skills.

SA5 Overview – What’s New and What It Can Do

This overview give a quick tour of SA5 and how it differs from its predecessors. Learn how it can help you manage your business easier, faster and with greater mobility. Discover the features that will allow new users to get up and running fast.

SA5 – The Call Log

This powerful tool is amped up and more readily available than ever. Learn how to use the new SA5 Call Log and how to turn your staff into a team of customer communications experts with the more intuitive screens and ever-ready access.

SA5 – Scheduler & Routing

These tasks just got even easier with SA5. See what’s new and how it will help you spend less time creating tighter more efficient schedules and vehicle routes.

SA5 – Reports

See the new Reports screen in action. Not only are their customizable pre-built reports, you can easily configure any report you need in a flash! Find out how in this session.

SA5 – Customer Service Features

There is a wealth of features built into SA5. Find out exactly which screens you need to master to become a Customer Service Rock Star!

SA5 – Operations Features

There is certain functionality you need to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. Find out what accounting features you will need and how easy they are to use in SA5.

SA5 – Q&A

You’re bound to have questions regarding this exciting new software, and the SA5 experts will be on hand to answer them during this session.