This series of sessions will take you inside the NEW SA5 software. You’ll see how easy and intuitive it is to add customers and products, schedule techs, run reports and more.

SA5 – GEO Coding & Routing: Visual Route Designer-LIVE

Join John Wright as he takes you on a live routing journey using SA5. It’s faster, smarter and to put it simply, fun. See it live during this session.

SA5 – Truck Tracking

Overview session, more to drive user to Mobile than session of Mobile. Will also need to review reports in SA5 (may not be done today, will need to be before conf.)

SA5 – 1-Step Sales using Measurement Assistant with SA5-LIVE

Save time and decrease your cost per sale with 1-Step Sales! Brian Wareck shows you how–LIVE–during this session.

SA5 – Scheduler & Routing

These tasks just got even easier with SA5. See what’s new and how it will help you spend less time creating tighter more efficient schedules and vehicle routes.

SA5 – Invoicing in SA5

SA5 is making invoicing even easier. This session reviews improvements made to the invoicing module, including the use of associations, groupings, filters, flag codes, batch generation, paperless invoicing, improved workflow and simplified remit coupons. This live session will show you the improved performance, easy to use invoicing wizard and the clean screen design.

SA5 – Master Documents

Learn how to use Master Documents to minimize hardcopies and retain exactly what you need, where you need it.

SA5 – Operations Features

There is certain functionality you need to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. Find out what accounting features you will need and how easy they are to use in SA5.

SA5 – Parameters

Attend this overview session with Joe McPhail to review where to find the parameter settings you need to change your SA5 configuration and make it your own.

SA5 – Q&A + LIVE Demo of SA5 Call Log Features 

Using the Call log in SA5.

SA5- Q&A + LIVE Demo of SA5 Customer Screen Navigations 

See SA5 demoed live and have your questions answered during this session.

SA5 – Routing 201 in SA5: GEO Coding & Visual Route Designer (an expanded view) 

Using ALK Maps – powered by PC Miler – Routing Assistant provides more functionality, flexibility and speed! Retooled from the ground up to be easier to learn and use, you will learn in detail how to use Geocoding and Visual Route Designer. Some customers have described Visual Route Designer as fun to use.

SA5 – Routing: LIVE

Want to learn SA5 routing basics? This session is for you. Brian Wareck will show you step-by-step how to navigate the routing functionality.

SA5 – Custom Reports 

This presentation will explain what the reporter writer is and how to use it.

SA5 – Reports 

Report advanced options exports.

SA5 – Tips & Tricks to Increase Productivity

Who doesn’t want to faster and smarter? Mike Carden shows you some handy SA5 shortcuts and tips during this productivity session.

SA5 – Scheduler LIVE

Join this scheduling Master Class with Joe Kinnear. If you schedule appointments, the SA5 Scheduler is the tool for you. See it Live in this session.

Improved Payment Features

How payment options in SA5 are new and Improved. New remit options for partial payments, links from various screens for improved work flow and Customer Service. See Partial Payments, Post partial Journals and see improved customer communication of balances.

Getting to Know Real Green Payment Processing (RGPP) 2.0

Come learn about the next generation of integrated payments, with RGPP 2.0. We’ll be taking a look at our direct payments platform, including the newly revamped payments dashboard, integrated eCheck functionality and more! You’ll also learn best practices for payment acceptance, account reconciliation and chargeback management.