Software Beginner User

The Software Beginner track is for users new to the software, or for those looking to brush up on functionality they don’t often use. If you have new employees, this track is an ideal introduction to Real Green, Service Assistant and the basics of other software modules they may use on a day-to-day basis.

Alternative Billing Methods

Gone are the days of hearing the phrase “The check’s in the mail.” Customers expect and demand alternate payment methods. This session will review all of the various billing options available in Service Assistant including prepays, installments and auto-pay features. You will learn step-by-step how to set up and administer various billing and payment options and how to generate the billing reports that are available. Attend this session and give your customers a choice in how they want to be billed for service.

Automated Calling Campaigns with TCN

Learn to communicate with customers quickly, easily and cost-effectively by teaming up with Real Green Systems’ telecommunication partner, TCN. Reach out to clients with customized voice messages, recorded by you, to inform them about services, upsells, collections and service follow-ups. These are just a few examples of what can be done with this powerful system. There are other available ways to electronically communicate with customers using this cloud-based solution. Discover how to take advantage of the wide range of features that are as effective as they are easy to use.

Commission Reports

This sleek reporting system reduces time and improves the accuracy of your reporting for commission-based staff. Discover how to use it here.

Customer Assistant Website (CAW) Administrative Training

CAW sites are powerful sales and marketing tools. They help decrease receivables, by offering convenient payment options. They upsell current customers and simplify new customer service enrollment. In this session, learn how to use the convenient CAW dashboard to setup and maintain your site’s functionality. It’s easy, when you know how.

I didn’t know that!

Service Assistant® is a huge program with many available screens and options. It’s easy to forget or miss something either from training or in learning how to use a new update. In this session, learn shortcuts as well as tips and tricks with the software that make it super easy to run your business.

Think you already know Service Assistant® inside and out? You’ll think again after this session.

Managing Your Fleet with Truck Assistant

Truck Assistant® is fleet management – amplified. At a glance, see where vehicles are and know when drivers exceed speed limits or go off scheduled routes.

This innovative, highly intuitive tool even measures miles per gallon used by the fleet as a whole and by individual trucks, provides scheduled maintenance alerts per truck and more.

Measurement Assistant 101 – Feature New Maps for FASTER Response

Measurement Assistant has brand new maps. That means faster load times, which equals more measurements in less time.

In this introduction to Measurement Assistant®, see how to measure a property in minutes without ever visiting the site. Save on fuel and labor costs while closing more sales in less time using this app. You will also learn more advanced features of Measurement Assistant, including how to generate and email a custom proposal, complete with a photo of the recipient’s property.

Routing 101 – Routing for Success

Learn the basic skills of priority-based routing necessary to provide the most optimal routes possible for your technicians each day. Discover how to improve your routes through simple invoice routing. Provide your techs with the best routes every time.

Routing 201 – Geocoding & Visual Route Designer (An Expanded View)
– 2 Hour Session

Using ALK Maps® – powered by PC Miler® – Routing Assistant™ provides more functionality, flexibility and speed! Retooled from the ground up to be easier to learn and use, you will learn in detail how to use Geocoding and Visual Route Designer. Some customers have described Visual Route Designer as fun to use.

SA4 Bootcamp

Recommended for users who are new to Service Assistant 4 and want to know how to use the system from beginning to end. Visit the SA4 Bootcamp Learning Track for detailed class descriptions.

SA4 New Features

Many new features are being rolled out in Service Assistant®. They were introduced during a general session, but there are bound to be unanswered questions. Get the answers you need during this session.

SA5 – A New Personalized Training Experience!

Software training can be tedious and time-consuming. Because your time is valuable, we’ve developed a new way to train on our newest software product – SA5! Imagine being able to become an expert from the comfort of your own desk, on your time table. We’ve boiled down the software into bite-sized chunks with built-in competency testing. As a manager or business owner, you can monitor staff training progress. As a trainee, you can monitor your own progress and revisit lessons that were either interrupted or you simply want to refresh your memory. It’s an easy way to train. Join this session to find out how it works, also how you can develop sessions that fit your business, so you can train new employees or teach existing staff new skills.

Service Assistant Scheduling

Does your company complete services based on a scheduled date? If so, then this presentation is a must. Learn how to use the intuitively designed Service Assistant Scheduler.

Year-End Procedures – Properly Close Out Your Year

The end is really just the beginning. Learn how to ready your system for the new season, by closing out the old year. Learn how to create new services for the upcoming season, set parameters, and perform price increases. Since it’s only performed once a year, you may need a refresher. For those who have never done it, this session is a must.