Elizabeth Hlavaty

Elizabeth Hlavaty brings almost 20 years of lawn care related service industry experience to the table. Elizabeth joined Real Green Systems Technical Support team in 2007 setting up and training new customers. Since joining the Real Green family, Hlavaty has trained thousands of product users, often traveling to their locations and sitting side-by-side with them as they learned. She maintained and created help files, training documentation and training videos. Today, she works closely with the Service Assistant 5 Development Team in creating the next evolution of Real Green’s premier software platform. Hlavaty is ready to continue her rich tradition of personalized training for users of our revolutionary next-gen CRM.

Prior to joining Real Green, Elizabeth established her reputation for going above and beyond by obtaining certification in 1997 for general core and fumigation, to better answer customer care questions at Motz Lawn Care. She went on to spend eight years with Scotts LawnService in Cincinnati, where she first started using Real Green Systems Lawn and Pest Assistant II & III (LA2/LA3) as that location’s office manager. Elizabeth then moved to Scotts corporate location as a senior administrator, where she conducted audits of new and existing Scotts corporate lawn locations, trained employees and provided technical support for Scotts locations. Elizabeth took the lead in creating the Scotts LawnService training and policy and procedure manuals, and was later promoted to manager of business systems and support for Scotts Lawn, managing LA3 data for all Scotts Lawn locations nationwide.

Hlavaty teaches the popular Service Assistant Boot Camp during Real Green’s annual Solutions conference, an event specifically for users of Real Green products to learn more about their purchases, business management, marketing, trends in their respective industries and network with suppliers and other software users.