Joe Kucik

Joe Kucik is a trailblazer in the service industry with more than 30 years of experience as both an operator and business-owner. He has built four successful multi-million dollar companies throughout his career, which started in 1984. Needing a more efficient way to grow and manage his own business, Kucik and his brother developed the Lawn and Pest Assistant Software. Business exploded when he began selling this innovative software to lawn care businesses across the nation. His company, Real Green Systems, was initially formed to facilitate the demand for the software. Over the years, Real Green Systems has not only been at the forefront of service industry software development, it has evolved into a full-service marketing company. Each year, Kucik travels the nation, consulting with thousands of business owners – teaching them how to grow and manage their businesses using the techniques he has used at both Real Green and his lawn care businesses. Real Green Systems currently serves over 2,000 customers worldwide.