Joe McPhail

Joe McPhail, Vice President of Software Development joined Real Green Systems in 1989 and has worked with every size and type of service company creating extraordinary results. In his role, McPhail works closely with many of the pest control and green industry leading franchise organizations, helping them implement Real Green’s software solutions and custom-tailor franchise-specific solutions.

McPhail has lead product development projects such as our Customer Assistant™ Website, Mobile Assistant™ and in-field data collection initiatives. He currently has the helm of our network infrastructure strategy and mobile development. He orchestrated the on-boarding and upgrade strategies of our software with Scotts LawnService for more than 20 years. He was also in charge of Scotts and other major franchise groups’ software conversions, load testing, CSSW implementations – having personally completed some of the conversions himself. In addition, McPhail currently serves as Real Green’s Network Administrator, a role he has performed for more than 25 years, and was responsible for standing up the hosted environment, as well as the internal network. He is our lead PCI development manager.

Real Green Systems Direct Mail automated workflow was McPhail’s original design. It was a project designed to help automated Scotts LawnService’s prepay letters. The Direct Mail team has since scaled that program to track all Real Green direct mail jobs.

McPhail is also the primary designer for the Truck Assistant app, which allows users to track their vehicle and driver behaviors in the field, as well as monitor fuel consumption, and service requirements such as oil changes and tire rotations.

He can be found each January at Real Green’s Solutions conference, where he teaches customers and other attendees about our popular Customer Assistant Website, the importance of PCI Compliance and provides instruction on our live truck tracking technologies. He is also a much-anticipated booth staff member at the GIE+Expo and other trade shows where Real Green Systems is exhibiting.

He has been married 27 years and is the father of two model citizens. A longtime hockey enthusiast, McPhail has been a volunteer travel hockey coach for 14 years – during 10 of which he has coached two teams in the same year.