John Perry

John Perry is president, chief executive officer and founder of Greene County Fertilizer Company, Inc. and its parent company, Bio Green USA, Inc. He started in business with a Bio Green spray service. He based his business model on not using conventional fertilizer. From there, Perry chose to focus on developing his own high performance fertility products for the professional service industry and began manufacturing products in late 2007.

Greene County Fertilizer Company produces a line of soil amending fertilizers and specialty fertility products for lawn, garden, trees, turf care and agricultural use, humic acid, N-Ext™ brand, private label fertilizer products and custom blended programs.

Bio Green USA is the manufacturer of the Bio Green® brand of high performance environmentally responsible fertilizers made available to individually-owned and operated lawn and landscape companies through the Bio Green Lawn Service brand business model for license and co-branding opportunities.

“Through both companies, we are able to be exactly who our customers need us to be. If their needs are high performance fertility products and consistently excellent results, then N-Ext™ is the answer. For companies that need a strong brand, field technical expertise, a peer network, and a corporate partner for operational and marketing support, in addition to fertility products and results, then Bio Green® is the answer,” says Perry.

Both companies operate in their 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant/corporate headquarters in Greensboro, Ga. and only the highest quality manufacturing practices are implemented.