Steve Katz

After working in the software industry for 10 years, Steve Katz joined Real Green Systems as head programmer in 1998, taking over the development of the Lawn Assistant 2 software platform. Katz’s first challenge was to ensure the system was ready for Y2K.  At the same time planning was underway and the foundations were being laid for the complete rewrite of the platform, which became Lawn Assistant 3 and its successor, Service Assistant.  Currently, Katz is vice president of software development and serves as system architect for the entire suite of software products in Real Green’s portfolio. This includes the main accounting and CRM applications with their tightly integrated routing and scheduling systems along with the accompanying mobile and web applications.

Katz has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree from Wayne State University, both in the field of computer engineering. Prior to coming to Real Green, he worked as a software consultant, building custom business solutions for diverse companies which included Toyota, Domino’s Pizza, TRW Automotive, and the Michigan State Police. It’s during this time that Katz learned the important skill of not just delivering exactly what a client asked for, but getting to the root of the problem they were trying to solve to determine what was really needed.  Today, with thousands of users interacting with Real Green’s products, Steve continues to employ this skill to deliver world-class solutions that meet and exceed the needs of the service industry.

Katz also teaches Service Assistant classes during Real Green’s popular annual conference, Solutions.