Professional Development

Networking: Getting the most from your Solutions Experience!

If this is your first time at Solutions and you want to become comfortable navigating the sessions, the app and learn some tips for successful event networking, learn from the Master! Brian Bacigalupo will guide you toward an enjoyable and enriched conference experience during this informative and fun-filled session.

Skirt Boss 4.0: Women in the Green Industry

Skirt Boss 4.0 continues the discussion of women in the green industry, their tremendous contributions and how they have thrived in a traditionally male dominated field. Learn their strategies and tips to rise to the top of your own chosen green professional career and how to turn your bank account as green as your well-manicured thumb.

Brain Power! The Power of Self-Awareness

When we see ourselves clearly, we are more effective leaders with more satisfied employees and more profitable companies.  We make sounder decisions, communicate more effectively, and build stronger relationships – even with Millennials!  We are confident, successful salespeople. We are better problem solvers and team players.  We are happy in our career and in our life! 

Research shows Self-Awareness as one of the most important skills for success and happiness in the 21st century.  Join in this insightful session and learn how to leverage the strengths and talents of your team through BRAIN POWER!

Motivating and Retaining Talent Part 1

How many times a day do you wonder why your people do what they do, say what they say, or want what they want? Motivation and job satisfaction are driven by personal preferences, also known as personality types. In this encore session, participants will participate in the Insight Personality Program, a simple way to help you identify what makes you and your employees tick! By understanding yourself and others better, you are on your way to creating an environment that inspires everyone to do their best! That’s good for you and your people, and even better for business! In Session Two, “A Happy Worker is a Productive Worker” participants will use this tool to create a thriving company culture.

Motivating and Retaining Talent Part 2: A happy worker is a productive worker

Happiness has a profound impact on workers’ productivity, commitment and work relationships. Unhappiness among workers in America is costing a shocking $300 billion per year in lost productivity. When people aren’t happy with their jobs or their employers, they don’t show up consistently, they produce less and their work quality suffers. People want contentment and happiness derived from meaningful work. They want positive personal relationships, a healthy mind and body and a reason for living. But with only 24 hours in a day and all the competing demands of modern life, the question is, how? Is it even possible? Learn how to facilitate your employees’ happiness and consequently increase your company’s productivity and success using these tools and strategies!

How to attract the right people, with the right company culture

Culture. It’s more important than you think. Have you ever struggled with hiring the right people for a job, only to find out they’re a ‘wrong fit’ for your company? Perhaps you want to figure out how to make your company mission and vision come to life for your staff and the community? You’ll discover how to make your company culture a magnet for rock star employees, as well as how to bring your culture to life for your staff and within the community.

Building the Ideal Supervisor

What kind of leader do you want to work for? Chances are, your team wants the same from you! In this session, we’ll identify the key characteristics of an ideal supervisor and how you can implement them in a practical and easily replicated way.