SA4 – Invoices

Learn all about the the invoicing module in SA4. Sorting, grouping, filtering and associating work have never been easier.

SA4 – Mail Merge

With the mail merge and custom report writer functions, your reporting and letter generation capabilities within SA4 are virtually limitless. Find out how they work in this session.

SA4 – Quick Fit Scheduling

Scheduling is probably the most difficult juggling act you perform in your business. Learn about a new and easy way to schedule. Quick Fit Scheduling makes this task a breeze.

SA4– Routing 201 in SA4: GEO Coding & Visual Route Designer (an expanded view)

Using ALK Maps – powered by PC Miler – Routing Assistant provides more functionality, flexibility and speed! Retooled from the ground up to be easier to learn and use, you will learn in detail how to use Geocoding and Visual Route Designer. Some customers have described Visual Route Designer as fun to use.

SA4 – Customer Entry and Maintenance

This basic SA4 class reviews how to enter new customers and maintain their information and related records. If you are a new SA4 user, you should start your SA4 journey in this session.

SA4 – Invoicing and Routing Basics

Invoicing and Routing are basic customer care functions with in Service Assistant. This session shows you step-by-step how to route your technicians and how to invoice jobs, so customer can pay you.

SA4 – Payments

SA4 allows you to enter several types of payments. Learn what they are and how to enter each one correctly in this session.

SA4 – Statements

Part of customer care is generating accurate statements. This session will show you how.

SA4 – Parameters

You can’t do anything in the the system without entering parameters. Learn what they are. How to enter them and what they do.

SA4- Reports

Join Dan Wellbaum for SA4 Reports. He will walk you through the steps to generate the reports you want and need. It’s simple when you know how.

SA4 – Scheduler: LIVE

Join Dan Wellbaum as he shows you how the SA4 Scheduler can save you time and money. This live demo session will provide the information you need to become a scheduling expert.

SA4 – I didn’t know that!

Service Assistant is a huge program with many available screens and options. It’s easy to forget or miss something either from training or in learning how to use a new update. In this session, learn shortcuts as well as tips and tricks with the software that make it super easy to run your business. Think you already know Service Assistant inside and out? You’ll think again after this session.

SA4 – Call Log

The call log is your company’s customer contact brain. It’s the screen where all contacts with each customer are entered, so you have a complete history of their concerns, problems or issues. Your entire staff will look like rock stars if they use this valuable tool correctly. Learn how in this session.

Harnessing the power of SA4 and QuickBooks to Increase profit

Building a complete financial picture of your Business Management evaluating your performance and identifying areas for improvement.