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“I love coming to the conference to learn more about Real Green and the opportunities it affords us as a small family business trying to grow.”

Patricia Beres – Owner – Bee Green Pro


“I strongly advise it – if you’ve never been to a Users Conference, it’s a ‘must do’ especially if you’re in the lawn care industry.”

Cindy Buckwalter – President – Liqua-Grow Turf, Inc.


“I honestly thought we’d just go a couple of years and be caught up – but they keep introducing new tools and improving existing ones, so we go every year. We enjoy seeing all the vendors’ new equipment and product releases, networking and learning about other businesses’ operations. It’s great experiencing it all in one spot.

Now with the marketing and business speakers they bring in – it’s impossible to miss! Our company really benefits.”

Marv Kottke – President & Owner – Spring Touch Lawn & Pest Control

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When I attended my first Users (Solutions) Conference, I had 200 customers. While at that first conference, my company’s only technician called and quit. That was a low point, but then, I started really getting involved in the conference. At first, I was overwhelmed with a sense of disappointment at how far behind I was as a business owner. I knew I had great potential, but never really pushed it.

“2012’s Users Conference changed all that. The sharing that goes on there was overwhelming. I learn so much. We now have 1500 customers and 8 employees.

“I have developed relationships through the Users Conference that are priceless. I found mentors from other areas of the country and have toured their companies. We share back and forth all the time.

“When you’re struggling and need support, it’s great to be able to pick up the phone and call someone who has been where you are as a business owner. When they tell you that it’s “okay” or “normal” and “you’ll get through it”, you know there’s experience behind it and you believe the words and carry on.

“I have invested everything in this business and only take a small salary. My family’s future is this business. Real Green’s Users Conference has given me a community that I can draw on for strength and support and I can do the same for them. It’s like an extended family.

“Each year at the Users Conference, I work hard – going to the classes all day and then networking in the evenings. Each year I bring more of my employees and try to spread the knowledge. We cover more ground, by being able to attend different classes.

“I have attended GIE-Expo and they have good classes, but they are nothing like Real Green’s.”


Butch Dellis – Owner – Nutri-Green Professional Services (Oklahoma)

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“We send our new hires to Solutions. Since we live and breath Service Assistant, we think it’s important to send our staff to events such as Solutions. We want them to learn as much as possible about the marketing built into Service Assistant and how to properly use the software.”

Robert Kerns – President – Custom Turf